Working Together Group

Who are we?

We are the members of the Working Together Group!

You can also see our individual pictures on our Meet the Team page!

What’s the Working Together Group for?

We love working together with Richmond Mencap to help other people with learning disabilities in the borough.

It helps us to know we have the support of each other. We’ve started using music to wake us up and help let out our feelings.

What do we do?

We work with the Local Learning Disability Partnership Board to support their events and make sure our voices get heard. We work on consultations training GP’s and school students and plan events.

We are interested in being healthier and using music to make ourselves feel happier.

Where do we meet?

We meet every few weeks at the Crossways Centre
306 Richmond Road
Twickenham, London

You must contact the Richmond Mencap office to book a place 

020 8744 1923