Working Together Group

Who are we?

We are the members of the Working Together Group!

You can also see our individual pictures on our Meet the Team page!


What is the Working Together Group? 

The Working Together Group is a friendly team based in the Richmond area. We talk about and help other people in Richmond with Learning Disabilities and/ or autism with additional needs. ​

We link up with other charities and Richmond Council members to make Richmond a better place for people with learning disabilities and/ or autism to live in.

What do the Working Together Group do?

We work with the local Learning Disability Partnership Board on restructuring Richmond services. We discuss health, jobs, voting, housing, transport and leisure. ​

We also do nurse training at local hospitals to raise awareness on learning disabilities. We tell doctors and nurses about our past experiences and how to communicate with different disabilities. We also talk about reasonable adjustments, hospital passports and VIP red bags. ​

We are currently delivering quality checks across the borough to make sure Richmond services are the best they can possibly be.

Where do we meet?

We meet every few weeks at the Richmond Mencap Space
342 Richmond Road

You must contact the Richmond Mencap office to join the group

020 8744 1923