Something To Say

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What do we do?

The group has moved from strength to strength over the last 18 months.

STS have scripted, acted and directed their own DVD which consisted of a variety of different mediums including a romance, a chase scene, a pop video and a soap opera. They thrived in testing out these different styles of filming and have grown and developed their skills enormously over the year. STS, also produced and acted in a very popular version of Cinderella at the annual Christmas party.

They have also had visits from professionals, for example an acting agent who came along and talked about her work. The group are keen to produce and market their own DVD’s for awareness raising and educational training and are in the process of producing regular short films, talks and dance/drama pieces for YouTube.

Please see the video below to see a short film that Something To Say made for a marathon runner.


How can you join the group?

If you are interested in joining STS, please get in touch!

Contact Paula or Richard on 0208 744 1923 or email