The Big Plan

The “Big Plan” is finally finished and agreed, with an action plan for this year. We thought you should know a bit more about it.


“The Big Plan” – What is it?

It’s a plan for the next 5 years

It’s about services for people with learning disabilities in the borough of Richmond

It’s a partnership plan between: The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT) who provide social care services and Richmond Clinical Commissioning Group (RCCG) who provide health services

They involved lots of other people when they were writing the plan including people with learning disabilities, their carers/family members and members of the Learning Disability Partnership Board


“The Big Plan” – What is it for?

LBRuT and RCCG have a vision of how they want things to be for people with learning disabilities in Richmond and their families/carers.

There are some things that they know are really important to think about when they’re planning. These are that people with a learning disability

  • Have the same human rights as everyone else
  • Should be supported to live as independently as possible
  • Have the right to be involved and in control of decisions made about them
  • Should be able to participate in all the aspects of community life – to work, to learn, to get about and to meet people

They want to have really good services. They want them to be person-centred; able to meet the changing needs of people; and above all, to be good value for money.

To do this they need to have a really good plan.


What’s “The Big Plan” Action Plan?

The Action Plan is the most important part of the whole thing – Because it says what they are going to do!

It looks at 3 important areas, which are:

  1. Helping people to make choices about their own lives and be as independent as they can.
  2. Buying services that are designed for the people who use them and getting the best services, at a good price.
  3. Helping people stay healthy and making sure it’s easy to get the support they need.

Within each of these areas they have set some goals. Each goal says:

  • What they aim to achieve;
  • What they’re going to do;
  • When they’re going to do it by;
  • How they’re going to check what they’ve done;
  • Who’s going to make it happen


If you would like to see everything that’s in “The Big Plan” you can click here to see the full report.