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Mencap is working in partnership with NHS England to raise awareness about the importance of being on the Learning Disability (QOF) register, having an Annual Health Check, and sharing information on Summary Care Records.

We are targeting people with a learning disability, and those who support them, to raise awareness of why these things are important and what they can do to join in and receive more adjusted care.

This project is part of a wider NHS England initiative to increase GP registrations, review and update the annual health check, and improve information sharing between NHS online systems. All of this aims to improve the healthcare of people with a learning disability.


The current picture

Going to the doctor is not always easy, especially if you have a learning disability. It can be hard to make an appointment, understand what the doctor is saying, or explain symptoms.

252,446 people are currently on the Learning Disability (QOF) register in England. That is just 23% of the estimated total population. This means that 77% of people with a learning disability are an invisible majority, who are losing out on the opportunity to have an Annual Health Check, or to receive reasonably adjusted healthcare that suits their needs.

In terms of Annual Health Checks, an average of 49% of people on the GP register in England received a health check in 2014-15. However, there are thousands of people who are missing out on this service because they are not on the register.

This needs to change.


Key messages we want to share:


Anyone of any age or ability can join the learning disability register and get extra support. It’s better to join early so that adjustments can be put in place before a person starts using adult services.


We want people with a learning disability to know about

  • How being on the register can help them, and how they can join in
  • How to get the most out of having an Annual Health Check
  • What a Summary Care Record is, and why it’s important to get extra information added on there
  • Why it is important for the GP to know what support you need, and how you can tell them


We also want to raise awareness of the Accessible Information Standard, which links into all of this.



What is Mencap doing?

They have created a fun short animation film to introduce the key messages and encourage people to find out more.


They have also created an online resource pack, which includes information for people with a learning disability and those who support them. The direct link to these resources is:


There will be local events and activities in a number of locations across England, to promote these key messages and raise awareness.



If you’re interested in the facts and figures for GP registers for learning disabilities and annual health checks you can click here to see Royal Mencap’s report.