Employability – The Job Club


Who are we?

The Job Club is a 12 week course, it runs 3 times a year for up to 10 people.

Employability the Job Club is run by Richmond Mencap and The People Hive and in partnership with Choice Support.

We receive some funding from The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to help us run this club.

What’s the Job Club for?

– To look for a job
– To learn skills
– To get advice
– To work as a team/group
– Roleplay various job groups
– Prepare work profiles (CV)
– Pathway to employment
– It’s empowering
– To meet people and socialise

Who do we work with?

We work with people with learning disabilities, social communication conditions, ADHD and other additional needs who live in the borough of Richmond upon Thames.

What do we do?

• We will help you to write a CV which tells employers about your education and experience.
• We will help you to think about what sort of work or volunteering you may be interested in and what skills you might need to be able to do this.
• In partnership with The People Hive and Choice Support, we will help you to find the right training and/or experience you need to get a job, work experience or volunteering opportunity

Where do we meet?

We meet at the Richmond Mencap Office
342 Richmond Road
East Twickenham

Contact Richmond Mencap

020 8744 1923