Treat Me Well Launch

On the 15th February we joined together with lots of other Mencap groups around the country to launch their new campaign called “Treat Me Well”.

Here’s a bit more information about the campaign:

Everyone deserves good healthcare and we know that there is some truly excellent practice out there. However some people with a learning disability miss out on getting the health care they should have, because they need extra support and reasonable adjustments.

Reasonable adjustments are helpful changes to the way a service works to make it easier for disabled people. Examples of this might be:

  • Using more simple language or communication aids and avoiding long and difficult words which only healthcare professionals can understand
  • Allowing extra time for appointments so people aren’t rushed and can take things at a pace they can manage
  • Providing written information in an easy to read way

Mencap often receive requests for help from people with a learning disability, their families or support staff, in situations where people are not able to access the healthcare they need. These situations often arise in hospitals, which is why Royal Mencap decided to focus their campaign on this part of the healthcare system.

Their experience tells them that when people with a learning disability miss out on the reasonable adjustments they need in hospital, it is often because healthcare professionals are not given the knowledge, skills or resources they need.

The changes Mencap wants to see are:

  • All hospital staff must have learning disability training, which meets “Treat Me Well” standards
  • Staff in hospitals must be given what they need to be able to do their job well
  • Strong leaders in the government, the NHS and in health organisations


Royal Mencap says “We believe NHS decision makers and practitioners are ready to make a change and the time is right for us to work together to transform healthcare for people with a learning disability”.

We believe that too……. That’s why Richmond Mencap will be working locally to support the national campaign and help make hospital a fairer and better experience for people with a learning disability